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Environmental Green Team Ministry


The Environmental Ministry Team, or “Green Team” is a new congregational effort in environmental sustainability and environmental justice. Talk to us about what actions you can take to help our Planet through small sustainability steps in your own lives.

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Suzi Novak at or
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Green Team to initiative Thanksgiving – New Year Introspection period for Green Pledge

green-pledgeOn November 22 – UUFNW’s Green Team introduced a green pledge project. No, we are not soliciting financial donations. We are seeking from all congregants a pledge to do whatever you can to reduce your carbon footprint in your lives. The introspection period begins this Sunday and extends to the end of the year. By January 1st, we are asking you to submit your forms to us and begin taking action to achieve each self green improvement that you have listed.

The form will be distributed at the Green table by the fireplace immediately after services. Stop at the Green Team table after Sunday’s services and talk to us about small, medium or big steps that you can do to create a greener world. Remember, you are leading the way, by example. Imagine billions of people around the world emulating what you are doing. It will make a huge difference.

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Congregational introspection of our carbon footprint

carbon-footprintStarting November 22, 2015, the Green Team will initiate a congregational project to improve each of our lives with a greater level of ecological sustainability. Stay tuned for a brief announcement during the service and information at the Green Team Table after the service. So, mark your calendar for the November 22nd service. If you can not make it check the UUFNW website or contact Jack Kozuchowski at



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UU Green Sanctuaries Program

The Green Team is striving for certification in the UU Green Sanctuaries Program and the initiation of an Environmental Justice program. This year our goal is to reach out to our congregation. We invite everyone in our congregation to think about what small steps that you can achieve in your own lives to have your homes more sustainable. Eventually, we will want you to solidify a commitment by writing down your goals for the coming year. However, we do not want to rush this activity. Every month, we will be offering suggestions of things that you can do that are practical, which will reduce your carbon footprint. This will lea to a congregation-wide assessment of how we are doing in our own lives and how UUFNW can make our own premises more sustainable. Our first suggestion is to improve your home efforts at recycling. Specifically through the Terracycling program.

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