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Fellowship Choir


Come join us!

We have had a choir at the Fellowship since 1983, adding to our enjoyment of the worship service and providing a way for people who love to sing to get together and practice that enjoyment. We’re a group who works hard, because we like to do our best, but never forgets that the basic purpose is to have fun.
We have done all sorts of music, from classical to popular, modern to ancient, with instruments accompanying us and with just the sound of our voices. We have people who have sung their whole lives and people who are learning to sing with a group for the first time.
Singing in harmony is new for most people. Mennonites sing all their hymns in 4-part harmony but UUs aren’t quite to that level. But adding your voice to a rich harmonic texture is a glorious experience and one which can be learned. Some people are gifted with innate musical ability but most of us are learning how to do it, one song at a time.
For many of our pieces, we have practice tapes or CDs which we can listen to at home or in the car. Sometimes they even have our part on one side and everyone on the other, so we can strike the right balance as we learn.
And being in a choir is fun. We get to know one another and have fun working together. It’s a perfect activity for new people who want to develop a circle of friends. It’s an activity which is great for couples to do together, but also appropriate for single people since it doesn’t distinguish between partnered and single.
The choir’s weekly rehearsal takes place at the Fellowship every Thursday from 7:45-9:15pm. Please contact Scott Dyer at if you are interested in learning more about us. Visitors are always welcome to come and sing or just listen.

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