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Religious Exploration

Tracy Breneman DREMeet our Director of Religious Exploration, Tracy Breneman!

As the daughter of a United Methodist pastor, Tracy grew up witnessing the work involved in building and nurturing a faith community. She came to Unitarian Universalism with an interest in broadening her spiritual understanding and practices. She is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Briarcliff, Croton and Ossining, where she served as Chair of the Social Action Committee and interim Director of Religious Education.

In addition to her work with the UUFNW, Tracy is currently the Coordinator of Religious Education at the Fourth Unitarian Society of Westchester in Mohegan Lake, NY and adjunct faculty at CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City where she teaches theory and practice of conflict and dispute resolution. She holds two advanced degrees in Political Science and Conflict Analysis & Resolution. For over fifteen years, she has been teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, building curriculum and coordinating educational programs. In addition to CUNY, she has been on teaching and administrative faculty at Columbia University and George Mason University.

Tracy has spent significant time living, studying and working abroad. Those experiences helped instill in her an appreciation for a core humanity that is shared across cultures, races and nationalities, and a joy for celebrating the uniqueness inherent in each. She believes in fostering intentional local community and finds her passion in social justice activism. This activism has taken the shape of volunteering with LGBT youth programs, immigrant communities, and youth gang violence prevention programs; and she founded community organizations focused on women in peace and conflict studies, anti-racism organizing and Latin American studies.

Tracy looks forward to getting to know the UUFNW families and congregation, and working with you to reach your goals for ministry to your children, youth and families. In addition, as DRE for both the Mt. Kisco and Mohegan Lake Fellowships, she is excited about exploring collaboration between the two congregations and with others.

You may reach Tracy through e-mail at