Stewardship Campaign 2017-18

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Joining UUFNW

Becoming a Member

Membership in our Fellowship is open to anyone who supports the congregation’s mission and the principles of Unitarian  Universalism that we have covenanted to affirm and promote.  We invite you to take your time and to get to know us.  We invite you to find the places in our Fellowship that feed your spirit. And, when the time is right, we will be more than happy to welcome you into membership in our community.

The process of becoming a member is simple. First, we hope you will get to know us and get involved. Next, we offer UU101 classes to help you know more about Unitarian Universalism and our Fellowship. Finally, we invite you to sign our membership book in a new member ceremony at worship.

We hope and trust that membership in our Fellowship means more than a mere signature in a book. Becoming a member of UUFNW should be an outward expression of an inward agreement to fulfill the three basic responsibilities and commitments of membership.

Commitments of Membership in UUFNW

A Commitment to Your Personal Spiritual Journey

First, signing our membership book means that you are making a commitment to your spiritual journey. A commitment to explore, to learn, to stretch yourself. A commitment to care for yourself when you need care, to step back when you need room to breathe, and to re-engage when you can.A commitment to reflect about your own values and motivations, to
examine your spiritual longings, and to speak up when you need something from this community.

A Commitment to Our Fellowship

Second, it is necessary that the covenant of membership include a commitment to the institution that is this Fellowship, and to the other people who make up the gathered community here.This includes several things.  It means a commitment to showing up—on Sunday mornings to worship, to special events and to congregational meetings—as you are able. It means a commitment to help with the programs and ministries of the Fellowship in ways that are fulfilling to you. And, it means a commitment to the financial well-being of this institution through generosity, which we hope is done through an annual pledge to our stewardship campaign.

A Commitment to Healing Our World

Finally, our Unitarian Universalist faith asks us to make a commitment to healing our broken world. Part of our commitment as members is to think about how our spiritual journey is reflected in our relationships with the world outside of this Fellowship’s walls. This means a commitment to live your values out in the world, and a commitment to do what we can to work for justice and peace.