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About Us

A Faith Community

Unitarian Universalism is not about following a creed or a set of rules.

What distinguishes us as a religion and what holds us together as a community are the promises we make to one another.

We covenant to be with each other as we try to make sense of life, even when we don’t agree.  We promise to support each other in times of hardship or sorrow.  We commit to working together to heal a world that sorely needs our values of love, acceptance, and justice.

There is a place here for you; come join our faith community.


Who We Are

  • The UUFNW has been in Mt. Kisco since 1957.
  • We are called a Fellowship, not a church, because our founders were strong believers in the power of lay leadership.
  • Our minister is the Rev. Dr. Michael Tino.  A former scientist, Michael has served as our minister since 2007.
  • Our Director of Religious Exploration, Tracy Breneman, leads a program for our children.
  • We currently have about 135 members, who come from towns from Dobbs Ferry to Ossining to Patterson.
  • We are proud of our service to the wider community.  We have ongoing relationships with several organizations working to improve the lives of people in our community.


What We Offer

What are you looking for in a religious home?

Are you coming to us to make connections and feel a sense of belonging?  Perhaps you are on a spiritual quest to add meaning to your life.  Or maybe you have come to seek solace, to get you through hard times.

All of these are what a faith community offers.

Here you will find:

  • A community of love where you matter;
  • A place to be yourself;
  • A path towards spiritual growth, and people to walk with you;
  • A way to celebrate life’s joys and find comfort for the sorrows;
  • Opportunities to connect with the sacred, however you understand it.

 Our Affirmation

Love is the doctrine of this Fellowship.  The quest for truth is its sacrament, and service is its prayer.  To dwell together in peace, to seek truth in love, to serve humanity in fellowship, to the end that all souls shall grow into harmony.  Thus do we covenant with one another.

How We Worship

Our Sunday services, like our Unitarian Universalist tradition, draw upon a wide variety of resources for spiritual content.  There are readings from Humanist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, and Native American traditions (among others).

There is generally a sermon, and we sing together.  There is silent time for centering or prayer.  Among our worship rituals is the lighting of candles for the major joys and sorrows in our lives.

Like all UU congregations, we have no specific creed or dogma.  In their place, we recite our own Affirmation.  It reminds us of what we value and what we promise to ourselves and to each other.

 Sunday Mornings at UUFNW

When does the service begin?

Our services start at 10:30 am and usually last a little more than an hour.

What about children?

Children begin each week with us in worship.  About once a month, we offer multigenerational worship in which we stay together in “the big room.”  Otherwise, there is a story or conversation time with the children, and then they go to their Religious Exploration activities.  Children are welcome to stay with you throughout the service.  We offer childcare for our youngest children every week.

What do people wear to worship?

Whatever they feel comfortable in.  You will see everything from shorts and jeans to peoples’ “Sunday best.”  You are welcome no matter what you’re wearing!

What happens after the service?

Coffee, tea, and good conversation are provided to all after the service.